May 16, 2016 (Day 2)   
Calexico to Bahia de Los Angeles

We woke up before the sun with no wind. The air was very thick with dust and particulates. We all slept well since, for most of the night, we were lulled to sleep by the gentle rock (and only occasional violent shake) of the camper in the wind.

We crossed the border without a hitch and quickly got into the groove of being in Baja and on the Baja roads. San Felipe is an interesting place that needs more time to explore. We were on a timeline and did not have the proper time to give it its due. When we come back in March next year on the motorcycles, we expect to spend a little more time to get to know this little gem of a place.

The road deteriorated once we left town, causing us to slow a little more than we wanted but it is paved and travel was decent by Baja standards. The wind continued to wreak havoc with us all the way into Bahia de Los Angeles.

Stopping at Cocco’s Corner was a delight. Cocco is a character of a man that has occupied his little corner of the world for many years. He has opened his place to visitors, stay-overers, passersby, and the curious. We bought a few cold beers from him and spent a half hour interviewing him about his life and some of the history of the area.

I spy a Broken Wagon Films sticker! Thank you, Cocco!

Nelson and Goldman traveled through this area in 1905 and we explained to him that our project was, in part, to look at what changes have happened over the years. I look forward to seeing an edited version of the interview.

Tonight, Jose Merceade has graciously opened his house to us on the water overlooking the beautiful bahia. Tomorrow we will make the nearly 30-mile run to Isla Raza.