May 28, 2016 (Day 13)

On the long drive back home, we had plenty of time to reflect on the trip and sift through the many highlights. Here are some of the numbers:

• 3296 MILES driven
• 500+ DIGITAL PHOTOS taken by Greg
• 8.5 HOURS OF DIGITAL FILM captured by JT
• 5 ISLANDS VISITED (Isla Rasa, Isla Espiritu Santo, Isla Cerralvo, Isla Magdalena, Isla San Martin)
• 2 POUNDS of corn tortillas we ate during the trip
• 1 DAY LOST to fix and repair the boat and trailer. Not bad, since it is not an adventure until you get just a little bit stuck!

We far exceeded our expectations for this preliminary expedition and are very excited to view the footage JT captured. As we move toward next March (when we plan to head out on the motorcycles for two months of filming) we will take what we’ve learned and continue the energy generated on this preliminary trip to do what we set out to do . . . make a feature-length documentary film!

JT, Broken Wagon Films director, in front of the rig before the long drive north. All in all, a successful preliminary expedition!