There was an undeniable buzz in the air. Even before the doors opened, a line was beginning to form along the sidewalk outside the box office of the Rio Theatre for what would later be the sold-out world premiere of The Devil’s Road: A Baja Adventure.

When the doors opened, crowds filled the foyer with all the excitement and glitz of a red carpet premiere. Guests traveled far and wide to attend—some as far as the East Coast.

Cameras flashed as pictures were taken before our backdrop, guests excitedly looked at one of the motorcycles on display that had completed the 5,000-mile journey through Baja, and onlookers studied the map that showed the historic expedition route alongside the Devil’s Road expedition route. Many stories and memories of Baja were shared among the guests, serving as a reminder of one of our initial goals of the film: to pay homage to the beautiful Baja California.  

The Devil's Road

From the laughs and sighs of the crowd as the film played out on the big screen, to the excitement of the road montages set to Latin American rock, to the scenes of quintessential Baja—cactus, vibrant sunsets, friendly locals, and incredible wildlife—the premiere was a night to remember.

We are incredibly grateful for the turnout as we shared our film four years in the making, and extend our enormous appreciation to those that have made the project possible—family, friends, sponsors, and beyond. We could not have done it without your time, generosity, and support. Thank you for making the premiere an unforgettable success.

For those that were not able to make the premiere, or who were turned away when we reached maximum capacity (we are so sorry!), we strongly urge you to join our mailing list ( to receive updates on future screenings and our progress on the project’s next chapter.

We are exploring the possibility of having other local screenings, and with the premiere in the rearview mirror, we are embarking on the long journey of the film festival circuit, which will bring the film far and wide—both nationally and internationally.  

As always, keep your eye on the Road and continue to follow our journey.

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The Devil's Road
The Devil's Road
The Devil's Road