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"The Devil's Road" Main Expedition, Days 58, 59 & 60 (Return Home)

Return Home

It took us two and a half days to get from the border to our home in Santa Cruz. A stop in Ojai at my dad's house for the night was the perfect halfway point. We battled more gusty, strong, and always changing winds the entire way home. Our last day in the saddle was a total of 315 miles and that brought an end to an amazing two-month filming expedition through the heart of the Baja Peninsula.

"The Devil's Road" Main Expedition, Day 43

Guest blog by Associate Producer Bri Bruce

Went into town to try to meet Rigoberto at his tequila shop for an interview only to find he had gone to Jalisco for the week. Instead, we bought food for the next few days and wandered about town. 

After returning, I drove south alone along the dirt road to a large hotel down the beach to rent a surfboard. Being a longboarder, I rented  the only longboard they had, a blue and yellow eight-footer that had seen better days. Knowing that the wind was blowing offshore, and the tide was dropping, I rushed back to the condo and paddled out to the point just before sundown. I spent the golden hour riding chest high waves, one after the other, all by myself. 

Once the sun set behind the peninsula, I put my board on the beach and went bodysurfing with JT until dark. Papa came out to watch us, laughing as we acted like children rolling around in the surf, letting the waves push us up the slope of sand, and then the undertow take us back out.

Later, all of us watched the moon rise over the gulf, a big golden orb pushing through the mirage-like layer of heat over the ocean. For some time we stood watching the sky grow darker and the stars come into view. We pointed out all the constellations we knew, and the stars that comprised them: Sirius, Rigel, Betelgeuse the brightest.

We ended the day by cooking a meal together and sharing stories of the journey thus far. 

Looking south toward the point.

Looking south toward the point.

The carapace of a sea turtle carcass washed ashore. 

The carapace of a sea turtle carcass washed ashore.