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We've Embarked on "The Devil's Road"

Dear Contributors;

This morning the film crew set off on their two-month expedition through Baja California. We would like to extend an invitation to follow along with the crew during the trek. Your interest in our project and donation is of great value to us and we want to make sure you have all the information about our progress. The crew will be using a personal GPS locator device from SPOT. We will ping, via satellite, their location on a regular basis and you can follow along as we film.

The Baja desert is not well connected. Cell towers are very limited. The crew will take every opportunity to keep you up to speed with blog posts, photo drops, website updates, and a sharing page with our SPOT pings on a Google Earth map. As our crew arrives in a town with cell coverage, they will have access to communicate. Please remember that there may be several days’ delay for a reply.

Please follow along with our progress on:

Share Page URL:

If you want to communicate with our riders, you can do so by:

Text only:  831-601-6320
Phone and leave voicemail:  408-206-6144
Or, by email:

We look forward to connecting with you when we return and as we transition into the post-production phase of our project.

Thank you again;

Todd Bruce

"Sneak Peek" Screening Success!

Huge thank you to all those that came out on Saturday for our "sneak peek" film screening of "The Devil's Road" at the Aptos Branch Library!

We had a packed house, with standing room only, and just over 70 people in attendance! Some great questions from the audience followed the screening, and we so appreciate the interest and engagement. Glad that a few lucky folks will be sporting our Tshirt and bandanas from the raffle!

We hope everyone will keep up to date with our journey. The crew will be leaving tomorrow!