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Letter from the Producer


The film crew returned safe and without significant issue a few days ago. We decided to cut the shoot early by two days due to weather and poor water conditions. While in Magdelena Bay and heading to Isla Santa Margarita, the wind picked up and the water conditions grew worse and worse. We decided for plan B, taking the shorter course for Isla Magdalena. The same thing happened while we were in San Quintin and wanting to make the long run to Isla San Geranimo. We had a wet ride just going the 20 miles to Isla San Martin.

While back at the Old Mill Hotel and Restaurant in San Quintin, we checked the weather and marine forecast for the Pacific Ocean extending out for the next few days. The wind was expected to blow and there was a bit of a swell. After the three of us had a chance to process this information and reflect on the work done so far, we came to a solid conclusion. With eight and a half hours of raw footage, five island film shoot locations, numerous interviews, and a bunch of good stories, we had a good representation of what Nelson and Goldman found on the islands off the Baja California Peninsula. So, we turned the truck north and headed home.

The crew and I would like to thank each and every one of you that have supported us so far on this adventure. Those of you that have been following us either on the website or social media, thank you so very much. Two of our followers were kind enough to donate to our project. Many thanks go to Suzy Uptain, Wanda Miller, and Sally Dewar for their generous donations.

The next move is to sift through the raw footage, do some rough editing, and get ready for a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. We will share some of the rough edits with you when we can and keep all of you involved as we move through this portion of the project. So, keep watching our website and blog, and keep following us on Instagram.

- Todd Bruce, Producer, Broken Wagon Films