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"The Devil's Road" Main Expedition, Day 23

San Ignacio

Today we decided to head out to the Sierra San Francisco to try to find the Rancho Santa Ana. Nelson and Goldman went through the area and there is a picture (somewhere) of Goldman cinching up the saddle of a horse in front of the ranch. We wanted to get our own photograph to compare with their photo.

It is a strange thing riding up to a rancho in the middle of nowhere and asking a ranchero to take a picture of their ranch. We both felt strange but the young man agreed, though he seemed a little indifferent.

Next we set off to get to the salt flats on the way to the Sierra Santa Clara. Goldman spent a few days in this region looking for antelope. Having once been abundant, Goldman stated during his 1905 visit that they were then very rare.

We got to the edge of the salt flats and JT sank his bike into the soft muddy sand at the perimeter. It was a long and muddy walk out to the salt encrusted areas, but JT was able to get some great shots.